K-12 Educational & Community Programs

Our programs are developed and executed to meet the educational, economic, cultural and social needs of youth. The intent is to engage and empower them to build a positive self-image and respect for their peers so they become productive and contributing members of society.

Our comprehensive line-up includes but is not limited to:

Early Childhood Development (Giving Your Child A Head Start)
Music Enrichment
College and Career Readiness

Adult Programs

Men Make A Difference
Leadership and Self-Development Sessions
Men’s, Women’s, and Marriage Maintenance Retreats
Leader to Leader Roundtable Groups
Assimilating New Members into Your Organization
Youth Building from Engagement to Inclusion
Infusing Young Adults into Your Organization

Each year students graduating from high schools across the country and their parents find themselves in fear gear realizing they have missed various opportunities to maximize their College and Career Readiness exposure.

Beyond the Classroom Student Action Planner is a cutting edge, multi-dimensional resource and support system. It consists of various pathways woven together to form a comprehensive series to assist students in making the connection to their true passion. Our interactive model utilizes Career and Technical Education (CTE) and the Common Career Clusters to build customized School Based Enterprises and Work Based Learning. The overall concept eliminates 20th Century traditional thinking and empowers parents, counselors, academic coaches, as well as business/industry/labor members with expertise in the CTE Program to work closely with students to complete a College and Career Readiness program of study, equipped with 22nd Century Foundational Knowledge, Real-World Skills and Industry-Recognized Credentials.

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Is Your Athletics Programs Potential Being Maximized?

JGB Ventures interacts with parents, student-athletes, athletic directors and coaches from various size school districts obtaining feedback on the potential of their high school teams and their town’s youth athletics/middle school feeder programs. Taxpayers, Superintendents, Mayors and Board of Education Members will be surprised what we discover by asking very simple questions that are often overlooked in day to day operations.

Partner with JGB Ventures to assess your high school sports and/or town’s youth/middle school athletics feeder programs. We will provide a comprehensive written efficiency report and make recommendations for enhancing improvements.

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Benefits to Your Organization

We engage members of the community by incorporating the face-to-face, personal communications approach, empowering your organization with the opportunity to:

  • Initiate communication between your organization and beneficial connections within the community;
  • Capture the attention of your audience;
  • Effectively educate the community about your organization’s goals, benefits and resources;
  • Inspire the people to seek information and interact with program initiatives;
  • Receive immediate feedback from the program